The major credit bureaus run this program that lets you make one phone call to stop most pre-approved credit offers

I understand your concern and I know this seems rather strange, but this is actually how the opt-out program works. The number is 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688).

Even if you write, you’ll have to give them your Social Security number. I think as long as you initiate the call to this opt-out line, it is not any riskier than sending that information in writing. By the way, I called the opt-out line many years ago and saw the credit card solicitations drop dramatically after just a few months.

One downside to this program: it won’t stop the hotels and airlines you do business with from sending pre-approved credit card applications. I find that highly annoying. I get mail I don’t want and it increases my chances of being the victim of identity theft. I wish these travel companies would join the opt-out service and respect my wishes to not get these unsolicited offers.

I recently purchased something over the Internet and used my credit card. They asked me for the last four digits of my Social Security number. Is this common or am I being set up?

Because the credit bureaus identify you via your Social Security number, you need to give them that number if you want to opt-out

This sounds very strange. You do not need to provide your Social Security number or any part of it when using a credit card and I cannot see any reason why a merchant would need this information in order for you to make a purchase. Jay Foley at the Identity Theft Resource Center says they’ve heard about this and advise people that “no legitimate companies are doing this.” Chances are you’re being set up for some sort of scam or identity theft.

Call your credit card issuer right away and have the account closed. You should also contact the big three credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on your credit file. If you live in a state that lets you put a security freeze on your credit file, I would do that. You might want contact the Identity Theft Resource Center at 858-693-7935 where a real human can give you some help with this.

World-changing men don’t change diapers??

While it is such a shame that influential men who made it to Time 100 didn’t talk about their “other” role or didn’t feel important, this article also brought to my mind a more important issue… How should working dads balance their professional and personal roles better?

I am a proud father of a 15-month old and am embarking on a consulting career. The onus is on me to create my own professional life which provides me a good work-life balance. There is no cookie-cutter approach whereby I could talk to a few colleagues and then pin down on one colleague’s approach as mine. Circumstances are very case-based. And with changing circumstances comes changing priorities. I have realized that it is important to prioritize and then online payday loans in MO set appropriate expectations both at work and at home. This way, you keep both parties happy!

As for a working dad’s role at home, if the mom is also working, parenting has to be shared “equally”. Even if the mother is not working, I see huge joy of parenting in parenting teaming up and spending time with the kid(s). For example, I could see one parent cooking while the other helping with feeding the kid. Or one parent giving the kid a bath while the other preparing the clothes and other stuff for the kid. And it is important for both parents to jointly spend significant time with the kid and help with learning/ playing. At the end of the day, kids draw on their life lessons from parents’ actions.

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